Peripeteia 2016

The weekend began with our kickoff event, BREAKING BARRIERS: sharing knowledge within, across, and beyond disciplines, featuring Professor Carr Everbach, Dan Creem '16, Professor Catherine Crouch, Amit Schwalb '17, Professor Tristan Smith, Claudia Lo '16, and Professor Allen Kuharski. They and the audience discussed the benefits and struggles of interdisciplinary studies, educational techniques in elementary and middle school, methods of evaluation of learning, as well as many other ideas. You can watch it for yourself here:

The schedule from Peripeteia 2016 was, in a brief and convenient visual, as follows:

visual schedule

The complete schedule with course descriptions can be found here.

Several Swarthmore publications convered this event, including Berlin Chen's Phoenix article giving a general description of the event, Emily Ferrari's Phoenix article on David Holmgren's course, and Eduard Saakashvili's Victor-centric Daily Gazette article. Peripeteia was also featured on the Swarthmore website, as written by Katie Paulson.

Many thanks to everyone who led courses, attended courses, or mentioned Peripeteia to their friends! Many, many thanks to all of our faculty liasons, Betsy Durning, Katie Clark, and all of the other knowledgable persons who we consulted in creating this event.