Featuring: President Val Smith,
Professor Allison Dorsey of History, and
Professor Sa'ed Atshan of Peace and Conflict Studies.

Art and Power
Featuring: Professor Jumatatu Poe of dance,
Professor Erin Downey of art history,
Professor Ron Tarver of studio art, and
Professor Sangina Patnaik of English.
Co-hosted by Peripeteia and Kitao, as part of the Kitao Arts Festival.

What we learned out there
While not technically a prelude, this was an event created by Aaron Wagener '17 and presented by Peripeteia.
Find out more here.

Unnatural? The relationship between humans and the biosphere
Featuring: Professor Liz Nichols of biology,
Professor Giovanna di Chiro of environmental studies, and
Crums Woods Restoration Assistant Mike Rolli of the Scott Arboretum.

Data Driven: how disciplines construct arguments
Featuring: Professor Rachel Buurma of English,
Professor Donna Jo Napoli of linguistics, and
Professor Kara Yacoubou Djima of math.
Live-tweeted by the Daily Gazette here.

Breaking Barriers: communicating within, across, and beyond disciplines
A round table discussion kicking off Peripeteia 2016, featuring:
Professor Catherine Crouch of physics and astronomy, Professor Carr Everbach of engineering, Professor Tristan Smith of physics and astronomy, Professor Allen Kuharski of theater, Claudia Lo '16, Dan Creem '16, and Amit Schwalb '17.

On Drugs: a Prelude discussion on drugs and how they affect us
Featuring: Professor Milton Machuca-Galvez of Latin American and Latino studies,
Professor Adam Bisno of history, and
Professor Ellen Magenheim of economics.
Live-tweeted by the Daily Gazette here.

Science and Society
Featuring: Professor Amy Vollmer of biology,
Professor Krista Thomason of philosophy, and
Professor Ameet Soni of computer science.
Live-tweeted by the Daily Gazette here.

Golden age of television
Featuring: Professor Sunka Simon of German studies and film and media studies,
Professor William Gardener of Japanese, and
Professor Christopher Fraga of anthropology.
Covered by the Daily Gazette here, and by the Phoenix here.

Love, Romance, and Attraction
Featuring: Professor Vince Formica of biology,
Professor Farha Ghannam of anthropology, and
Professor Andrew Ward of psychology.
Covered by the Daily Gazette here.

Perfection: A discussion with Baumann, Schwartz, and Hungerford
Featuring: Professor Peter Baumann of philosophy,
Professor Barry Schwartz of psychology, and
Interim President Constance Hungerford of art history.
Covered by the Daily Gazette here, and by the Phoenix here.